Building A Team To Benefit Your Business

by PM Today / 6/12/2019 10:11:28 AM

Taking on employees can be a tricky game for a new business. Without the experience to know how best to handle this process, most people will struggle when they first start out, and won’t get the highest quality team members they can.

It’s hard to know what to look for when you don’t have any experience, and people are often dishonest about their past work and credentials when they apply for a role. This creates a huge mountain to climb, with most small companies struggling to get anywhere close to the top, but this is a shame; taking on the right team doesn’t have to be a struggle at all.

Planning Your Recruitment Drive

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when they are starting a process like this is failing to plan it properly. It’s crucial that you have an idea of where you’re going to advertise your jobs, how long they’re going to be up for, and the sort of interview process you’d like to go through.

You should also think about the people who will be involved with the recruitment drive, as handling something like this on your own can apply undue pressure to the whole thing. Your plan should include a deadline to choose your new team mate.

Using The Right Tools

In the past, companies would only have a couple of different options when it came to advertising their jobs. Newspapers, local notice boards, and other physical advertising had to be used. Nowadays, though, things have changed, and more and more companies are relying on the internet to solve their recruitment problems.

There are loads of recruitment sites around the web, and a lot of them are very specialised. If you’re looking for Office 365 sales staff, for example, looking to a SaaS Sales recruitment site could be the best route to take.

Along with recruitment sites, social media can also be a very useful tool when it comes to collecting applications. You will need to post fairly regularly to get a lot of responses, but this is another free tool, so it doesn’t hurt to try with it. Social media isn’t the only tool like this, though, as there are plenty of other community sites which can be used to spread the word about your vacancies. A lot of companies go down this route when they don’t have a following on social media to rely on.

The Job Adverts

Writing a quality job description isn’t an easy task. You need to make the applicant aware of what they will have to do in their role, while also making the job sounds very desirable, and this all has to be done with a character limit.

There are loads of examples of good job descriptions around the web, giving you something to draw inspiration from when you’re handling this for yourself. It’s crucial that you make your requirements very clear, or you could find a lot of applicants coming through who don’t meet the needs of the role.

Collecting Applications

Nowadays, advertising a job will usually bless you with more applications than you will know what to do with. Some of them will be bad, but a lot of them will be promising, and you will need to place to collect them up to perform your assessment.

Tools like Google Drive are perfect for this, as they enable you to create fancy file systems which can make managing your new team members into ma far easier task. It’s well worth reading all of the applications you get, even when you’re not sure how good they are.

Planning Some Interviews

As you go through your applications, you will quickly begin to find promising candidates. It will be impossible to choose which one you want working for you without meeting them first, and this means that you’ll need to start planning some interviews. It’s usually best to hold as many of these as possible in the same day. This will ensure that all of the candidates are fresh on your mind when it comes to comparing them.

Simply getting people in to talk to you is only the start of this process. Once you have someone set in front of you, you will need to have a set of questions to ask them, ensuring that each applicant goes through the same process. It can be helpful to have someone with you who can make notes throughout this process. Most of your candidates are likely to be stressed, and it will be worth giving them a chance to gather their thoughts if they are struggling to get their words out. There are a lot of different factors to consider when you’re interviewing someone.

Clothing/Appearance: If someone turns up to your interview wearing casual clothes and without washing themselves, you will know that they will probably be a bad applicant. People should wear smart clothing to this sort of meeting unless you tell them otherwise.

Clarity: When people are struggling to keep on top of what they’re saying, they will often spew out words which don’t make much sense. You need clear communicators in your business, and people struggling to stop themselves from waffling won’t help with this.

Attitude: Some applicants take interviews far more seriously than others. You will easily be able to tell these groups apart, and will need to make sure that the people you’re choosing are those who are the most eager to get your job.

Choosing Your Team Member

Once you’ve interviewed everyone, it will be time to put your head down and start thinking. You will probably have a gut feeling about one or two of your candidates, but this shouldn’t be the only thing which you let drive your decision. It’s usually best to have more than one person work on this, as this can help to ensure that a good range of opinions are heard.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to get started on the process of building a team which will benefit your business. A lot of people struggle with this process, finding it hard to know what they need to do to gather the right team. Of course, though, there are plenty of candidates out there, and you just need to find the right one.

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