Everything Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Doing Wrong (And What To Do About It)

by PM Today / 4/10/2019 8:52:27 AM

Digital marketing is simple. In its most basic form it a way of using the internet to reach your audience where they spend a large majority of their time. Sadly, it seems that it is all too easy to get it wrong as well. Fear not though, because with the help of the post below you can identify where your business is making mistakes, and put them right. Read on to find out more.

Spreading yourself too thin on social

Social media is a hugely important part of any business digital marketing strategy. However, that doesn't mean that you should divide your time equally between all channels. In fact, if you do a little digging, you will discover that specific platforms such as Facebook will be more appropriate to a 30-50 female demographic, while others like Twitch are much better used to a young male audience.


Of course, that means is that if you want your digital marketing strategy to be effective and to reach the right people you need to choose which ones you use to display your content carefully. Luckily, with the advent of data analytics, this is getting much easier to do, and therefore it's crucial that you use the big data that your campaigns generate to inform any changes platforms for the next one.

Ignoring email

OK, so email marketing has a bit of a bad wrap and people associated it with junk mail, or even worse phishing scams. However, it certainly does have a useful place in a marketing strategy, if you can pitch it right.

What this means is that the email you send out needs to first get over the issue of being ignored by their intended recompense. After all, if they don't open it to find out what is inside, then all of your hard work will come to nothing.


Of course, this means that getting your subject line right is crucial, and the way that you do that is to intrigue, entrain, or offer value. Offering value is the most simple because it's all about providing discounts, free delivery, or free product, but for a limited time only to encourage the user to open the email and get to the goodness inside.

Entertaining is a little less straightforward to do but essential it relies on jokes, clever wordplay and even the use of emojis to make whatever is in the body of the email seem fun and appealing. Something that the reader will want to open it up.

Intriguing is harder still, but a talented marketing professional can achieve this if given enough time. It's all about teasing the customer with the promise of something they will find useful, or intriguing but not giving too much away.

Of course, it's crucial that you don't end up in clickbait territory here an actual deliver something of value. Otherwise, you can annoy customers instead of engaging them.

Not being mobile

If you are currently not providing an opportunity for your customers to access your content, product, and services on the go, then your marketing strategy definitely needs some holes that need plugging.

This is because availability is absolutely vital when it comes to building your brand reputations, encouraging positive customer relations, and getting your products in front of the people that are most likely to buy them.

Happily, this is quickly resolved by sourcing a mobile app development company that can create a downloadable application that potential and current customers can use on their smartphones. Then no matter where they are they will have access to your dedicated content while providing you with an opportunity to track how this is used, so you know what to do more of and less of the next marketing cycle.

Producing shoddy content

Shoddy content will definitely be letting your marketing strategy down. The reason for this is that is the quality and the value that your content provides that acts as currency with those that you want to convey your message to.

OK so it not like you are giving them $1 to read your article watch your video but you are providing them something else of value, and that is entertainment and information.

Of course, in this the digital information age, there is nothing more valuable. Therefore by producing good quality content, that is engaging, entertaining, and fun, it can help it be more effective and reach many more of the people that are defined as your key demographic. The people, that in fact are the best place to buy your product and make your business a success.

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