Handling A Seriously Urgent Business Meetings At Night

by PM Today / 2/6/2019 9:21:49 AM

Sometimes in business, things really do hit the fan. When they do, your business can go up in flames. It's certainly no joke and the sad thing is, many business owners don’t prepare for it. Every now and then, the film industry depicts a picture of such a situation extremely accurately. If you have ever seen ‘Margin Call’, you will know that some emergencies simply cannot wait until the morning. Something so catastrophic is impending, that in order for it to be stopped or changed you must call in the executive team late at night.

What could cause situations like this? A serious drop in performance for your financial quarter, which could mean devastating repercussions if you have had one too many. A breach of data and confidential information that could lead to secrets being exposed to another business and or media. A death of a senior member that has changed the structure of the executive team. Something serious like these events, cannot be allowed to fester. How on earth could or should you handle such a meeting?

Wake up their minds

Extremely urgent meetings at night are not common at all in the world of business. They are very rare indeed but this makes them all the more serious. Therefore you need your c-suite and other executive board members to be awake and thinking very clearly in order to make the best decision.

Wake them up by making fresh coffee and having fresh sugary snacks. Black coffee, with some fruit or some kind of chocolate bar would allow people to inject some energy into their system. Bear in mind, such a meeting could take place at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning when it's still pitch black outside. Dragging people out of bed, forcing them to get dressed and come with a sharp mind is already a bit much. So have some snacks and stimulants at the ready.

A rectifying plan

Now that you have sensed there is a huge problem just waiting to explode, you need a plan. This plan will need to be printed off so all your board can see and read for themselves in their own time. This could be things like graphs, pictures, bullet point items, long and short paragraphs that explore the issue and resolution. You need something printed off like this in a hurry, which means contacting a 24 hour printing company. They will guarantee that they deliver whatever it is you need within one full day. So if you have learned of something dangerous happening and need to change course, you will need to alert this company of your order as soon as you have finished working on your plan. Give the order around breakfast or lunchtime, and have it ready in the early hours of the morning. This way before the next working day has even begun, you now have a course of action ready to try and save what can be saved.

No one wants to be woken out of their bed in the pitch dark hours of the night and told to get to the offer immediately. Be aware that some of your brightest minds might still have to shake the cobwebs away before they can start to think clearly. Coffee, snacks and a fully printed solution should be waiting for them at the office in the board room.

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