How To Follow Up Properly After A Networking Event

by PM Today / 7/10/2019 3:57:45 PM

Networking is a very important part of running a business and if you don’t know how to do it effectively, you will struggle to get ahead. It’s a great way to find new customers, other businesses to partner with or suppliers that can offer you a good deal.

That’s why you should be attending business events or even hosting your own if possible. While you’re there, you’re going to meet a lot of people and start to build relationships that could potentially benefit your business in the future, but the mistake a lot of people make is that they don’t follow up on these initial interactions properly.

There’s no point spending your time attending or hosting these events and talking to all of these people if you aren’t going to follow up and push that relationship forward afterward. These are some of the best tips to help you follow up with people after a networking event so you can get more out of it. 

Give Out Business Cards 

While you’re at the event and you’re speaking with people, don’t forget to leave them with your details and make sure that you get theirs. How are you supposed to follow up and set up a meeting otherwise? The easiest way to do this is to hand out business cards to everybody that you speak with.

Business cards are also a good way to give people a sense of what your business is about and promote your brand, so make sure that you put some thought into them. Quality is important so always use a site like to ensure that you’re getting a professional job.

If you hand out cheap, flimsy business cards, it makes you look amateurish and people will be put off. The design is your chance to show them what makes your business unique, so get creative with it and do something that nobody else is doing with their business cards. 

Follow Up Quickly 

Everybody meets a lot of people at a networking event and you’re not that special. If you don’t contact somebody for a month, they’re going to forget who you are. That’s why you need to follow up quickly, preferably within the first 24 hours after the event.

It shows that you’re proactive and you’re serious about dealing with them. If you wait too long, they’ll feel as though they were an afterthought and you’re not that bothered, so why should they be? 

Craft The Perfect Email 

The email that you send to follow up should include a few things; firstly, you should mention something specific about your conversation to jog their memory in case they’ve forgotten who you are. Secondly, you should offer to help them in some way before asking about how they might help you.

If you can’t offer them anything, they won’t be inclined to help you. Finally, you need to invite them to a meeting and try to pin down some specifics, otherwise, you’ll be emailing back and forth for weeks without moving forward. If you’re stuck, check out for some great email templates. 

If you aren’t following up properly after a networking event, you’re just wasting your time, so make sure to follow these steps to the letter. 

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