Marketing Merch 101: What You Need to Know

by PM Today / 2/6/2019 11:28:20 AM

A good marketing strategy is multifaceted- and one method you could use alongside your other (more likely, digital) approaches is marketing merch. Here’s what you need to know about promoting in this way.

What is marketing merch?

Promotional products are affordable items that can make your prospective customers and clients interested in your brand. The items generally have uses in offices and in day to day life, while benefiting many other areas of businesses to give long lasting and effective brand impression. The aim with any kind of marketing is to get your business name out there to people. But unlike with other forms of marketing, the lead or potential customer has a physical, useful item branded with your business information that they’ll (hopefully) be seeing on a regular basis.

What kind of products can be used?

Things like pens and keyrings are smaller items that can be given away, but you could also go with branded bags or clothing items like hats and tshirts. You want to go with the sort of items that will be used often, The more they’re used, the more chance of others seeing your brand name and the more your company will be secured in the memory of those using it. When they need to use a business like yours, chances are it will be you that springs to mind due to the regular exposure.

Where can marketing merch be given away?

Marketing merch can be given away as free gift with purchases, sent to your customer along with their order. If you’re hosting an event, or attending one (such as a business expo) it’s a great time to give things away there too. This is because people interacting with you will more than likely be leads already and have some interest in what you do. Being exposed to your brand name from the merch they pick up could well result in them becoming paying customers.

Why does it work?

The word ‘free’ is more powerful than any other when it comes to marketing. Everyone loves a freebie, and even these simple, inexpensive items can generate some buzz. Getting something for free can also improve a customer’s experience of your business and they way that the view you.

The goal of promotional giveaways are to attract and appeal to customers, and people are grateful for a free product. Consumers really appreciate useful products that add value to their lives.

It might seem counterintuitive giving away something for free when you’re trying to make a profit, but any kind of marketing will have a cost. This can actually be much cheaper than other methods and depending on what you sell and the customers you’re targeting, can be more effective too.

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