Rise to the challenge of a changing business world with new Agile resource

by PM Today Staff / 6/5/2018 11:12:46 AM

A new free resource has been launched to help individuals and businesses adapt to changing circumstances in an increasingly uncertain world.

Agile Dojo is an online knowledge hub and community for people interested in learning more about business agility and how it can help organisations survive and thrive.

The site pulls together material from across the Agile spectrum and offers it in an easy-to-digest format in a range of subject areas such as strategy, culture, transformation and leadership. It also provides a forum for people to exchange ideas and seek advice from their peers, as well as case studies and information about training courses.

Agile Dojo has been developed by the not-for-profit Agile Business Consortium and a network of partner organisations.

Geof Ellingham, Chair of the Consortium, said: “We believe it is the first time such a breadth of Agile material has been offered in one place, free-of-charge, to anyone who wants to make use of it to help them in the current challenging environment. In due course we hope to add even greater value by providing a full learning management system with online courses.

“The content of this site is what I would term ‘Agile agnostic’ in that it brings under one roof a broad range of Agile thinking from around the world and doesn’t favour one product or approach over another.

“Although the site is now fully functioning, it is still in its Beta phase so we would welcome feedback from users as we develop and add to its content and functionality. We also want people to share their Agile knowledge and experiences so the site becomes a truly democratic place for the exchange of ideas and learning.”

Material on Agile Dojo is presented in a variety of formats from top tips and white papers to videos and PowerPoint presentations.

The site’s name is derived from the philosophy underlying Japanese martial arts training which combines mastering techniques with a much broader and complementary philosophical approach.

Agile Dojo can be found at www.agiledojo.co.uk

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