Study reveals main causes of project management issues

by Amy Hatton / 7/3/2017 4:57:28 PM

A study of 500 professional companies in the IT, Telecoms, Marketing and Engineering sectors conducted for software provider Access Group, reveals that more than 75% of projects overrun due to ‘a lack of resource’ and ‘poor time management.’

Among the key findings:

  • Only 25 respondents were able to say that less than 10% of their projects stayed on schedule
  • 15% of respondents claimed that a lack of tools was the main reason for projects overrunning
  • The East of England was found to be the least efficient amongst the regions, with their projects overrunning between 91%-100% of the time
Steve Berridge, Director, Access Group commented: “Utilisation is a key metric within any project based company. It’s important to understand the individuals within the organisation and where they’re spending their time to make sure their time is focused on fee related activity rather than non-fee related activity, such as internal meetings and proposal writing. Too many organisations can recruit more than they need, therefore bringing in more cost to a business without considering utilisation first.”
For more information, visit The Access Group.

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