3 Worthwhile Structural Developments For New Businesses


All businesses have to conform to a set of systems and structures they put in place in order to make progress easier to follow reliably.

For instance, if we have a health and safety protocol put in place (aside from the legel necessities), we have an easier means of ensuring best practice is followed and that the golden target of zero injuries are recorded each year.

This means that as a new business, defining your policies and structural processes is as important as anything else, as it provides the substance to the entire operation you will then go on to promote and market, or at least hire for.

But this also serves as a great opportunity to upgrade and renovate some of those systems, guided by your experience or wish to improve.

Of course, much of our policy assignment will be focused on the legal code we have to follow in the first place. We do not ‘decide’ to give our manufacturing line workers safety gear, that is a legal requirement.

Yet some considerations you do have (mostly) free reign to decide. Let’s see what that looks like:

Staff Processing & Care

Take care of your staff, and your staff will take care of their business. This means establishing the best HR policies to ensure they continually have their wellbeing taken into account, as well as goodwill measures that help your path forward.

For instance, if hiring retail staff that are paid by the hour, paying them for the extra fifteen or thirty minutes they spend over their shift can help them avoid feeling restricted by shift patterns as they do their best to help out each day.

Office Design

Office design is also essential to consider and an important part of how your employees appreciate their role each day.

Maris are known to design truly stellar office fit-outs that not only take in the intelligent practical requirements of your working space as part of their research and planning stage, but how your brand and the ethos behind it can contribute to the design of said area.

That in itself can grant you more dominion and potential when designing the productivity and personal characteristics of your firm. With that in mind, employees in your office are sure to flourish.

Established Marketing Patterns

Developing a more personalized approach to you and your business rather than relying on established marketing patterns to a fault can be a great idea. For instance, if you’re running a restaurant you may decide to schedule festivals around a certain ingredient, allowing you to celebrate local produce.

This allows you to spread awareness as well as get people in the doors of your building in order to try out a lunch or to stay for their evening meal. This can be much more superior than taking an ad out in the local paper or any other method you decide upon out of a feeling of necessity, not authentic promotional development.

With this approach, we hope you can better curate the three most worthwhile structural developments for new businesses.

PM Today Contributor
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