A Crash Course In TR-069 Software

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Your set-box has it, your Wifi uses it, and your phone employs it. An essential in the tech industry, here are the basics behind TR-069

What is a TR-069?

A TR-069 is an internet protocol published by The Broadband Forum. It enables network companies to manage end-user devices remotely. 

Internet service providers (ISPs) are oftentimes the companies that rely on TR-069. Internet service providers use TR-069 to manage all customer premise equipment (CPE). CPEs include the aforementioned Wifi-routers, set-boxes, etc. 

To manage these CPEs, companies use a central server known as an auto-configuration server (ACS). An auto-configuration server is, in other words, the software that manages all devices remotely. 

An auto-configuration server uses the TR-069 protocol to manage important tech configurations. For one, an ACS uses the TR-069 protocol to set the settings on a customer’s tech device, such as installing a password on a SIP server— (SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol; it brings together many of the essentials to initiate an internet phone call). 

Also, an auto-configuration server uses the TR-069 protocol to run a diagnostic value on a tech device. For example, an ACS uses the TR-069 protocol to inspect the signal signal-to-noise ratio on a person’s phone 

How TR-069 Works

Sans the coding specifics, employing a TR-069 is for the most part a quick two-step process. First, the device (CPE) connects to a central server (ACS). Second, the server assists the device with whatever provision it requires; the provisions depend on the device’s model.

Different providers equip their servers with different parameters. Nowadays, for the sake of efficiency, most internet providers install their devices with a TR-069 protocol.

A TR-069 protocol is preferred among ISPs as it benefits both the providers and its customers. This protocol deletes the hassle of having customers depend on directly contacting their service providers. This means, once a person plugs in their device (that is the CPE), they instantly acquire an internet/phone connection. 

Why Use TR-069?

The TR-069 is favored amongst tech companies and internet providers because of its hyper-security. 

ISPs can fall under the naive misconception that all CPEs can be trusted. From this logic, ISPs can naively presume that their central server (ASC) can trust any user as long as they allege to be a client of theirs.

The truth of the matter is, the network isn’t that simple. 

Rather, internet hackers alongside other kinds of attackers can infiltrate a company’s ACS by pretending to be a client’s CPE. If the service provider (ISP) is not protected, the attacker can access private credentials and other information in order to make fraudulent calls, etc. 

When it comes to this, there’s no other than a TR-069 to resolve this issue. If an attacker were to try to infiltrate an ISP, the TR-069 protocol would deter it. Like mentioned before, a TR-069 helps run an instant query/ diagnostic each time a CPE and an ASC make contact. By doing this, it detects and deflects the attacker before trying to proceed further. 

All in all, the TR-069 is a valuable asset for all tech companies or internet service providers. 

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