Changing World Of Work Could Spell The End Of Open-Plan Offices: Report


The changing world of work due to the coronavirus crisis could spell the end of open-plan offices, it has been suggested.

Recruitment firm Randstad said the nature and design of offices may have to change as the workplace starts to compete with the benefits of working from home.

As employees no longer feel the need to be confined to their workplaces, companies wanting to retain their staff will not be able to make them be based in an office five days a week, said Randstad.

Chief executive Victoria Short said: “We may well also see the death of the open-plan office.

“Open-plan offices are terrible environments for introverts, who hate the noise, and for extroverts, who don’t feel able to have genuine conversations for fear of annoying colleagues.

“Open-plan offices also drive up the use of email – and emails can be sent from anywhere.

“Demand for super-premium, high-end office space may rise while demand for average, boring office space, especially in London, is likely to fall away.”

One of the downsides of remote working is the danger of working longer hours, as it is easier to start early and finish late, added Randstad.

Alan Jones
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