Energy Efficiency And Sustainability In New Build Homes


The social consciousness of the average person often turns to sustainability and greenness, so when people are looking to buy a new house being eco-friendly is a big selling point.

New builds often have energy-efficient technologies in the initial plans, and these can lead to saving money and reducing your environmental impact. If you are looking to buy a new build home, then here are some things to consider for your carbon footprint.

The eco-friendly features of new build homes

New builds are constructed with energy efficiency in mind, whereas many older properties would need a significant upgrade to meet the same standard. In research conducted this year, 85% of newly built properties had an EPC of either A or B, which is a contrast to just 4% of existing properties meeting that standard.

Features such as dual flush toilets and restricted flow taps are usually installed as standard and can save a homeowner money on their water bills.

Energy-saving technologies in new build homes

There are plenty of technologies that are used for energy-saving within a new build. Simple things like LED lightbulbs are great for reducing your electricity consumption and carbon emissions without lowering the quality of your lighting.

Smart thermostats are also a welcome addition to your home as they will be able to regulate temperatures easily by allowing you to set up and adjust a customised schedule for your heating. This means you can turn it off if you are away from home unexpectedly, saving yourself money and wasted heating.

Solar panels and renewable energy sources

More and more homes are investing in renewable energy sources, such as solar panels. If your house is suitable then solar panels can generate enough energy for your home to function as well as surplus. You can sell the surplus back to the energy grid as well, which will help to offset the initial cost of installing the panels.

There are smaller energy sources you can take advantage of, such as air source heat pumps. These work by absorbing heat from outside your home and converting it into heating for the inside. Though the British climate may not seem productive, these pumps can extract heat from -15 Celsius.

High-quality insulation and windows

Roughly 18% of heat is lost through your windows, so it is important to keep these as energy-efficient as possible. Double glazing is better than single glazing, as heat is lost twice as fast through one window pane as opposed to two. Double glazing allows the sun’s heat to enter your home and warm it up but prevents heat from leaving the same way.

Insulation is another thing that new builds are great at. Newly built properties have cavity walls that already have insulation in the gap between them, preventing heat loss. Good insulation also works well as a noise reduction feature, as it muffles any noise from your neighbours or outside.

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