Five Ways to Keep Up With Tech


Keeping up with technology is either something you love or something you don’t. Getting the latest tech, the latest phone and keeping up with advancements for your business can either fill you with joy or dread.

Whatever the case, we bring you some of the latest tech trends for this year and beyond with five technological breakthroughs you’ll be glad you knew about.

Building Your Own Systems

Admittedly, you’re going to need to know a lot about computing to get on board with this but there are some out there who have been building their own computers for years.

With the huge advancements in individual components such as Raspberry Pi metal case and other parts from this company and others, you’ll be surprised at just how effective custom-built machines can be.

Talk to your IT team about what hybrid and custom-made computers might add to your business operation.

Artificial Intelligence

Sure, this has been around for quite some time but the use of AI is advancing year on year. We’re looking at drones that can sense the right spot to place drop deliveries, 3D motion sensors to beef up security and of course the fascinating, if not controversial, move towards autonomously driven vehicles.

Jump on this trend now ,either incorporated into your own business or as an investment. We believe medical devices are where we’ll see the biggest leaps in the next year or two.

Mobile Operations

We know you pay for your Amazon orders, book train tickets and check your bank account on your phone but over the next few months the application for mobile-led commerce will only increase.

Transforming business operating systems, capturing data and helping business to be done more fluidly is all part of the move towards mobile-led business operations. Don’t be left in the dark ages, see how your mobile phone can be used for more than just your favourite football game.


We’ve heard this being talked about for months and it looks like the roll out date is looming ever closer. With some countries in South East Asia already benefiting from lightning fast, wifi speed data, it looks like global availability is well on the way.

It’s this technology that’s going to help the driverless cars and drones mentioned previously to function properly thanks to increased bandwidth.


Love it or hate it, the likes of Blockchain and similar look here to stay for at least the foreseeable future. While there are plenty of alternative currencies out there, Blockchain still dominates the market. Could your company benefit from introducing cryptocurrency payment options or making some investments?

Tech head or self-confessed Luddite, keeping up with tech advancements is key to the success of your business and for knowing how to cash in on the opportunities that will present themselves in 2020 and beyond.

Keep up with AI, get to know how your mobile might work better for you and look forward to the day 5G hits these shores. The future is exciting, be a part of it.

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