Honeywell’s Most Powerful Generator Gets First Deal With Startup


Honeywell International on Wednesday will announce a first deal for its most powerful generator, which would power a European-Canadian startup’s hybrid electric cargo airship.

Honeywell said it reached a deal with Flying Whales Airships Quebec Inc for its one megawatt generator to be used on the 200-meter-long vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) airship destined for the heavy load transport market. Honeywell did not disclose the deal’s value in a statement.

Multiple startups are working on electric or hybrid aircraft to meet aviation’s long-term climate goals.

Dave Shilliday, vice president and general manager, urban air mobility and unmanned aerial systems, Honeywell Aerospace, told Reuters the generator could be used for other hybrid aircraft applications.

One megawatt of power is enough to power Honeywell’s 110 acre campus for testing engines in Phoenix, Arizona.

Flying Whales would use four generators per airship.

The French parent company Flying Whales SAS and its Quebec based subsidiary have raised 162 million euros ($177.57 million) over three financing rounds. It counts the French government through its French Tech Souveraineté, and the Quebec government through its financing arm Investissement Québec as important shareholders.

The first flight of the LCA60T airship in France is expected in late 2025 with entry into service planned for 2027, Flying Whales said. The company has plans to manufacture 150 aircraft over 10 years, Honeywell said.

(Reporting By Allison Lampert in Montreal; Editing by Shri Navaratnam)

Allison Lampert
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