How Any Business Can Get Creative With A Laser Cutter

laser cutter

Laser cutters are a fantastic tool that can be used in a huge variety of creative and manufacturing applications. By using a laser — a beam of high-intensity, highly focused light — to cut, laser cutters can achieve very fine, polished cuts in a wide variety of materials.

Depending on the type of laser and cutter, they can be used on plastics, wood, paper products, acrylic, leather and textiles, metals, and even ceramics and stone. Check out this comprehensive how-to article for more information on the process and how it works.  

Laser cutting has developed into must-use technology in the automotive industry, jewelry manufacturing, and die, mold, and tool manufacturing.

It is also widely used in medical device manufacturing and the ceramic and silicon manufacturing sectors. But it is an incredibly versatile technology, and chances are, there are ways it can benefit your business.  


If your business makes products of virtually any type, chances are you need efficient and inexpensive ways to create iterations of prototypes for your next product. Laser cutting has significant similarity to 3D printing when it comes to prototype design and implementation.

The nature of the technology means that you will be cutting out flat parts, but there are infinite ways to assemble those parts into more dimensional models.  


Every company needs signs, and it is easy to overlook just how many locations may need a sign or the many branding opportunities signs provide. Why not work with your graphic designer to harness the unique looks and designs laser cutting can achieve?

Note that laser cutters don’t just cut; they can also engrave, allowing you to put beautiful renditions of rasterized artwork on various materials. The possibilities are endless.  

Business Cards

Business cards are something we just can’t seem to get away from, despite all our technological advances.

There are still so many situations when it isn’t practical to take the time to swap information on our phones, especially when they are using different operating systems. But business cards have become so anodyne, they are routinely misplaced and forgotten.

Why not have something for your staff that is so unique the recipient remembers to stop and enter the information into their phone? You benefit when your staff networks successfully.  


If your business relies heavily on swag for your marketing efforts, it might be worth getting your own laser cutter, like these available at There are so many ways to use laser cutting and engraving for swag; chances are, you will want make lots of it. Almost any traditional swag item you can think of, and many you haven’t, can get cooler with laser engraving or cutting.

Think about the potential uses for your next pens, keychains, notebooks, coffee mugs, and water bottles. Then think about coasters, clocks, jewelry, wooden bookmarks, puzzles, ornaments, and wine glasses. And your creativity doesn’t just come in on the range of products you can create, but in what you can do with those products.  

So open up your mind to the endless design possibilities, from prototypes to promotion. Laser cutting technology truly has uses for any business. 

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