How To Increase Sales For Your Manufacturing Business


Increasing sales is a huge priority for any company, and manufacturing businesses are no exception. The International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) estimates that there were about 270,000 businesses in the UK’s manufacturing sector in 2021 alone.

Many manufacturing business sales originate from repeat orders on large customer accounts. However, you can implement several effective strategies to increase sales by getting more new customers for your brand. Here’s how to increase sales for your manufacturing business.

  • Use your website to sell your company

Websites have emerged as one of the best sales tools in today’s business world, so it is best to invest in yours to make your company more attractive. Your website is where many people make their initial touchpoint and form their first impression of your business. Sadly, many manufacturing companies are notorious for having sites that look like they were created in the 1990s. A reported 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if its layout or content is not appealing. Therefore, invest in making your site uncluttered, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly. You can also add helpful elements to your site to make it more attractive to clients. For example, if you are a balcony manufacturer, consider adding a visual planner to your website to help your customers design their preferred systems and encourage them to get in touch.

  • Prioritise good customer service

It is no secret that retaining an existing client is much easier than finding a new one. Therefore, it is vital to invest in long-term relationships with your clients by offering them excellent customer service and outstanding buyer experiences. Great customer service builds trust and encourages people to purchase from you repeatedly. Consequently, equip your customer service team with all the necessary tools to quickly answer queries and communicate clearly about prices, shipping schedules, and order updates. This way, your satisfied customers will keep coming back and may even recommend you to others, boosting your sales.

  • Get to know your buyers

Many UK manufacturing businesses do not know their buyers because they concentrate on product-focused selling, paying more attention to the product than the person purchasing it. In addition, these manufacturers often want to enter new markets. This method can work if done right, but many businesses focus too much on external factors like foreign exchange rates or product demand. However, it is prudent to remember that focusing on the people who will buy what you are selling is arguably more important. Indeed, if you can target more of the right people, you will enjoy a greater chance of success.

Thankfully, you can get to know your customers by creating buyer personas, which are semi-fictional characterisations of your buyers that you think are precise. For instance, if you are a home furniture manufacturer, you can use demographics like house value to determine which personas can afford particular price ranges. Knowing your clients helps you build a solid knowledge base that you can leverage to better market your products and improve sales.

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