How To Organize A Successful Corporate Event

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Some companies spend their marketing budget on advertising; others spend it on corporate events. The corporate event industry has grown significantly recently, with around 1.3 million business events held annually. So how do you create a successful corporate event these days? 

Define the Aim 

We’ve all heard of an “elevator pitch” that’s when you are able to communicate the nub of an idea quickly to a complete stranger and they understand what you mean. Not only do they understand you; they should be intrigued enough by you to ask questions and find out more. 

Organizing a successful corporate event requires this kind of reverse engineering; you need to know what the focus of the event is – networking, education, or a combination of things, and how you expect attendees to benefit. Make sure everything is pre-planned before you start anything. 

Break it Down 

Large-scale corporate events look extensive and sprawling from the outside; it makes you wonder how anyone was able to orchestrate such an event and get all of the parts working in perfect harmony. The secret is to break it down into manageable pieces that can be controlled. 

When it comes to corporate events, there are lots of working parts; you have to organize the venue, decoration, catering, entertainment, transport, accommodation, and ticketing. When you have categories, you can assign them to dedicated teams to organize in a more focused way. 

Create a Budget 

To organize a corporate event of any size, you need a budget; the good news is the size of your budget doesn’t matter; you can run a corporate event in a small amount of cash as long as it’s well planned. The main thing to remember is to keep your budget realistic and overestimate it. 


Most planners hold 10% of the budget in reserve to cover any unforeseen circumstances. This is sensible and reasonable. No matter how much you have to work with, you will have to conduct proper research and compare the market for your services, like catering and Event medics

Book Services 

As with most services nowadays, the earlier you book them, the better the price, which means the more organized you are, the more likely you are to book the best services and stay within your budget. Services you will need to book include the venue, catering, printing, and medics. 


Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to planning your corporate event; not only do your guests need to receive quality service and leave feeling satisfied, but they also need to feel safe and well looked after. Additionally, you don’t want any insurance claims for medical issues. 

Assemble a Team 

Even if you are organizing a small-scale event, it’s best to create dedicated teams to organize different areas of the event. Assemble the best people for the job based on their skill set and hire additional staff if you need them. Make sure your teams are integrated and in communication using project management software as well as radios on the day of the event.   

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