‘More Than Half’ Of British SMEs Rely On Project Management Software


Small and medium-sized businesses are facing challenges related to budgeting, responding to changes in the course of a project and meeting the set deadlines. To solve these problems, 56% are using one or more project management software, mostly benefiting from the time and budget management features that these offer.

Research by Capterra – a Gartner company – revelaed the main business issues related to Project Management (PM) and software use among small and medium sized businesses (SME) in the UK, France and Germany.

In France, 64% of small and medium sized businesses are benefiting from PM tools. While in Germany only 46% are using software, mostly relying on excel and drive files.

During the course of this research it was discovered that most businesses in the UK prefer software installed on computers rather than SaaS. The number of businesses using SaaS software for project management was much higher in France (35%), and the smallest was in Germany (only 13%).

“The functions of a Project Management software can help businesses to solve the challenges they face related to resource management and also improve the communication within different teams.” says Sonia Navarrete, content analyst at Capterra.

“However, despite the obvious benefits, there’s a common misconception among SMEs that PM tools are too expensive.”

While price is the biggest concern among British SMEs when adopting a new project management software, both in Germany and France, over 70% of respondents would be willing to pay a price from 11-50 euros per user per month.

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