New PM Today Webinar: Challenge The Portfolio Status Quo

In partnership with Planview, the experts in market leading portfolio and work management solutions to drive the future of connected work.

Date: 30 November 2022
Time: 13:00 PM GMT, duration: 45 min + Q&A


When it comes to managing and optimising the portfolio, there’s no doubt that the future of work is becoming more complex! And, in an ever-changing business landscape, it is more important than ever that organisations embrace innovative solutions to deliver growth and profitable services.

PMO leaders, portfolio managers and project professionals are at the sharp end of meeting this challenge and equipping their organisations to evolve their maturity, agility, and competitive edge. All too often, though, the reality is that even very large organisations are still struggling to drive value, and are stuck relying on static spreadsheets and siloed information to manage complex projects and portfolios.

In the context of new Cloud and hybrid ways of working, the time is ripe for your organisation to develop new strategies to achieve business goals, and to challenge the status quo so that you turn potential blockers – such as demand management, resource planning, manual reporting and portfolio risk management – into opportunities for success instead!

Hosted by PM Today’s Associate Editor, Amy Hatton, this webinar invites Planview’s panel of experts to share their in-depth, cross-sector market insights into how PMO and PPM professionals can lead the way on innovation and evolution of portfolio visibility. Featuring lively debate, plenty of practical demos and a live Q&A with the panel, this special live webinar will show you how to:

  • Drive a single source of portfolio truth and executive line of sight, so that smart, fast portfolio decisions can be made at the right time.
  • Get real-time visibility across resourcing, interdependencies, supply, demand, bottlenecks, and opportunities.
  • Utilise data driven insights to proactively react to changing portfolio demands.
  • Foster better collaboration and innovation across hybrid working teams.
  • Scale agility and speed to respond quickly to tomorrow’s challenges as they appear on the horizon.

This special webinar promises to be extremely popular, so make sure you register now for your free seat to join the debate!



Amy Hatton
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