On-Demand Webinar: Automation And AI For ‘Right First Time’ Project Design

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As we hurtle towards 2023, project and PMO professionals everywhere are grappling with how to keep control and continue to deliver value in an increasingly volatile world. This on-demand webinar, hosted by our Associate Editor in partnership with QRA, tackles some of the practical challenges we’re all likely to face, and demonstrates the solutions.


Spiraling economies, volatile supply chains, political uncertainty and fast-changing customer expectations all mean that projects, programmes and portfolios have to be delivered with a leaner, more agile mindset than ever before. What’s more, tolerances for rework, overruns and errors will be lower than ever.

In this webinar, Amy Hatton talks to QRA’s Jordan Kyriakidis and James Carr about the powerful role that automation and AI can play in tackling these issues head-on – with a “right first time” approach applied right at the start of the project design and scoping phase.

Combining lively debate with practical demos, Amy, Jordan, and James will show you how to:

  • Plan for uncertainty by ensuring that projects are designed correctly the first time around, for cost-effective, lean delivery.
  • Avoid rework by identifying and eliminating inconsistencies even before delivery begins.
  • Prioritize efficient delivery with “good enough” project decisions and clear project intent.
  • Ensure that project scope is correctly designed to deliver on budget, schedule and benefits – even when the unexpected comes along.
  • Plan projects strategically, with risk management and “right first time” principles taking front and centre stage.
  • Understand the right balance of AI technology versus human input.
  • Tackle volatility head-on and put your PMO on the map as a business-critical driver!

For any project or PMO professional that really wants to shine in the coming months, this webinar is a must-watch! Stream the session now.

QRA is the company behind QVScribe. This innovative software performs powerful analysis of requirements documents, identifying risks, errors, and ambiguities so that these can be eliminated consistently and permanently at the project design stage.

Crucially, QVScribe also offers Word and Excel plugins – extremely useful for generating easy, instant insights into the human errors that so often derail the best laid project plans.

To see the technology in action, head over to the QRA website, where you can book a free, personalised demo to show you how QVScribe empowers teams with a foundation for confident project development by identifying ambiguities and inconsistencies.

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