Reasons You Should Lease a Van


Running a business means you have plenty to consider – all the time. And if you work in an industry that requires the use of a van (plumbing, electrics, and building trades typically), then a van lease is one of those considerations. 

Buying a van outright can be a costly way to get what you need, and if your business is relatively new, it can be a risk. In fact, it may be a risk that you aren’t willing to take. However, leasing a van can be a much better option. 

New Van

Of course, the biggest perk is that you get the newest van. And a new van means it will be kitted out with all the mod-cons that you could hope for. Many popular brands have extensive ranges and many options for customization of your lease.

So while you’re thinking up the 15 Most Underrated Skills That’ll Make You a Rockstar in the Transit Custom Lease Industry, there is a van lease company putting together the ideal package for a business just like yours. 


For a small business, this might be one of the most critical aspects. Being able to spread the cost of the vehicle over time makes it easier to pay for it. Spreading the cost across the weeks or months means you won’t find yourself in debt or blowing your budget.

Take some time to research information about van finance and look at your own business budget too. 


How your business looks to potential clients matters a lot. A new van will create the right image for your business. Of course, much of this is still riding on your skills, but looking professional and neat is essential to your brand. 


If you are paying a lot of taxes, then leasing a van can help with that issue. It is possible in some cases to claim 100% of the vat on the monthly payments.

This, of course, only applies if your business is VAT registered, and the van can only be used for business. You can also claim back the lease cost, as well as petrol, repairs, and more. 


Leasing a van takes away a lot of the stress that is typically associated with owning a work van. You won’t incur the cost of an MOT because the leased van will usually be less than 3 years old.

It is likely to last longer before you need repairs, as it is so new. Some lease vans often come with perks too. That will be down to the individual lease company. 


The cost of the lease is a lot less than the number of benefits that you can get. You should talk to a tax professional who will be able to give you more details on all of the tax benefits that are possible when you choose to lease a van. 

Take your time to explore all of the lease and van options available and choose the right one for your business. 

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