The Importance Of Health And WellBeing At Work

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Health and wellbeing has become central to the lives of many people in the modern world, and this has not gone unnoticed by businesses looking to improve the culture and productivity of their workforce. Perhaps they are scratching their heads wondering why they didn’t think of that before. 

Clearly a health and wellbeing strategy in the workplace will be beneficial to outcomes. A healthy body means a healthy mind, and happier, more fulfilling projects. This also influences morale and strengthens the bonds between colleagues. Health and wellbeing in the workplace can be further enhanced using supplements from Oxford Online Pharmacy.

Productive Mindsets 

Ask any motivational speaker and they’ll tell you that wellness is at the heart of productivity. If team members don’t feel relaxed and comfortable in their working environment it will lead to substandard work. That’s why it’s so important to take the stress out of work where possible. A happy workforce is a productive one. 

However, working is stressful by definition, and often this stress is passed on from third party associates. Pressure and time management too, play a big part in the suboptimal levels of wellness at work. So how do you square the circle? The answer lies in workforce management. Encourage a productive mindset by training colleagues to look after their stress levels. 

Physical Health 

You might think that physical health is a personal matter, after all, why should a company take an interest in a person’s weight or diet. The reason is that physical health is directly correlated with mental wellbeing and productivity. You cannot separate one from the other, so better physical health means better productivity. 

Of course, this is not something you are likely to enforce as an employer  but what you can do is promote the many benefits of better physical health and make it easy for employees to access equipment and activities; also discourage unhealthy practices like smoking and overeating. 

Mental Health 

The world has changed significantly in recent years and now mental health issues are not the same taboo they once were. It’s much easier for people suffering from anxiety and depression to find help in the workplace, management these days are also trained to watch for any signs of mental health issues. 

Around one and four people will experience mental health issues at some point, so it is quite common and it’s likely there will be someone in your office with issues. To provide them with the best support so they can still make valuable contributions to the workforce, understand their issues and avoid exacerbating them with stressful work situations. 

It Reduces Absenteeism 

One of the big concerns of project management companies and projects is the downturns and inefficiencies associated with absenteeism. The success of project management relies on consistent performance and meeting deadlines, this is made more difficult if employees are not in attendance due to ill health. 

Conversely, if your project management team is made up of a tight knit group of colleagues who value the same things, you are far more likely to have ongoing success. Health and wellness plays a big role in dynamic. Team members who want to perform for their colleague and company will likely listen to your advice on wellness productivity. 

It Improves Morale 

When your teams are healthy and in good shape they perform better, attain more success, and strengthen their morale. Think of team sports like football. Successful football teams often keep the same core group of players together because they know each other and know how to get results. 

Getting results builds confidence and strengthens morale, and this is all fueled by health and wellness attitudes. Keeping the body fit and healthy improves the mindset and performance of individuals which contributes to team success. If you want to build strong successful teams for the future promote health and wellbeing in your workforce. 

Improved Recruitment 

Times have changed since the days when employees only wanted a job and a paypacket. Today’s generation of talented new workers are looking for fulfillment as well. They want to know that their place of work values them as individuals and values the contributions they make. Having a health and wellness strategy is key to this. 

When you have a health and wellness strategy in place, usually in association with an Online Pharmacy, you send a message to future employees. You tell them that you care. Today, a health and wellness strategy can make all the difference when trying to attract the best talent to your business or project. 

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