The PMO Mandate: A Key To Building A Successful PMO


Project management offices (PMOs) of all shapes and sizes can play a significant role in ensuring that the strategies of the organizations they support are realized through the execution of portfolios, programs, and projects.

However, despite an industry accepted view and common understanding of what a PMO is, supported if not driven by standards organizations and professional associations, history has shown that most PMOs experience significant execution difficulties and are unable to explain and show their value to the business. While some PMOs do achieve an immediate and sustained success and are able to articulate the specific business value they deliver, most PMOs have a very different experience.

The Poor Track Record of PMOs

There have been many studies that have attempted to explain the poor track record of PMOs. Some of these studies produce findings of fact that are backed by scientific research methods and large sample sizes while other less scientific studies offer inferences for consideration that are backed by allegorical case examples and reviews of industry literature.

Though insightful, what most of these studies fail to capture is that all over the world, there is a consistent misunderstanding and misapplication of the PMO both as a business unit and as a solution to the project-related issues and opportunities that businesses and organizations face. Hence the poor PMO track record of performance.

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Mark Price Perry
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