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Tips To Improve Safety In The Workplace

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Improving safety in the workplace should always be seen as something that’s handled with due diligence. It’s important that your staff know how to work safely in this environment for the protection of both them and others. Here are a few tips to improve safety in the workplace.

Give Every New Staff Member A Safety Induction

It’s worth giving all your staff the right safety training and information needed to navigate the workplace in a safe manner. So start off by making sure every new staff member receives a safety induction.

This allotted time can give your operations or buildings manager, the chance to go through all the safety procedures that they need in order to work safely. Ensure theses inductions are detailed and that they are made a priority whenever some new starts and is going through the standard training in their role. It should be something at the very top of the list.

Use The Right Equipment

The right equipment in the workplace is necessary because if it isn’t, then you make the workplace a potential danger for staff. So whether it’s looking at the lifting gantry systems or what emergency equipment you have in place for staff when they’re injured, it’s all relevant to their safety.

When installing or using new equipment, there should also be training or a brief on how to use this equipment.

Heavy machinery, as an example, can sometimes be quite complex and so having someone who is trained and knows this equipment is worth having to teach other staff members so that they can use it correctly and feel confident when they’re using it.

Display Clear Labels And Signs

Whenever there’s something within the workplace that’s dangerous, it’s worth it to have clear labels and signs displayed. These protect you as a business and show to anyone who would be investigating an incident or injury at work that you’ve done your part to help highlight some of the dangers that can be found.

So be sure to display clear labels and signs in and around the working area. Make them visible and always highlight these to the new staff members so that they’re aware of what they are and what they refer to because it might not always be immediately clear.

Encourage Regular Breaks

Regular breaks should always be encouraged in the workplace because they provide your staff the moment they need to take themselves out of the situation and to spend a few minutes to help reset and refocus.

If they’ve been spending hours on one project, perhaps sat in front of a screen, this isn’t healthy. In reality, staff should be having a five or ten-minute break at the end of every hour, even if it’s just to make a cup of tea or coffee. It makes all the difference to their mental health and concentration.

Improving the safety of your workplace is always important to keep on top of as things change. Make sure safety procedures are taught to new staff and always practice safe working and regular breaks.

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