UK’s National Grid Prepares For Tight Power Supply From Tuesday

National Grid

British transmission system operator National Grid ESO issued several notices seeking additional generation capacity for Tuesday because of tight supply and could also pay consumers to cut power use on Wednesday.

National Grid ESO issued an electricity margin notice (EMN) for 1630-2030 GMT on March 7, adding that this does not mean electricity supply is at risk.

“This is a routine tool that we use most winters, and means we are asking generators to make available any additional generation capacity they may have,” the company said on Twitter.

Separately, National Grid issued start-up instructions for four coal-fired coal units that are part of a winter reserve.

The company emphasised that this did not mean that the units will be used on Tuesday, but they will be available if required.

It also said that a demand flexibility service (DFS) requirement notice for March 8 could be issued at 1430 GMT on Tuesday.

The DFS rewards people, usually through discounts on their bills, for turning off appliances such as ovens and dishwashers during a specific period when electricity demand is high.

(Reporting by Nora Buli in Oslo; Editing by Louise Heavens and David Goodman)

Nora Buli
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