Projecting the Future – A Big Conversation webinar

PM Today Team

welcome to IBM's projecting feature a big conversation webinar, my name is David Thompson I'm head of EPM external affairs, as projecting the future the big conversation develops in the future it's my pleasure now to introduce, Tim Banfield to do the webinar. Thank you, good afternoon everybody, and delighted you can spare some time to join us today, my name is Tim Banfield and I'm chair of the APM's projecting the future group. I should say as we go through all the slides here just for the sake of shorthand, we've used project everywhere but we're actually referring to projects programs and portfolios as we work through all of that so to give you an idea of running order, I'll introduce a little bit about projecting the future, what we mean and how and then talk a little bit about the effects of change, why continuing to do what we've done on what's been fine for us in the past isn't going to be good enough in the future, so what are the things that we need to start to do as a profession to thrive and thrive is a really important word in all of this it's not about surviving, this is about thriving and growing and becoming ever more influential.