What Are The Best Green Investment Opportunities?

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There’s little doubt that the world is moving towards being a greener and more environmentally friendly way of operating. The choice has already been made for us through the effects of climate change, but now governments are beginning to catch up too.

In the coming years, we’re going to see a large swath of eco-friendly policies coming into effect. While the primary goal of these policies is to protect the world for future generations, there’s no doubt that there will be other benefits too.

For example, there’s going to be a giant boost for green-friendly businesses. Through the course of adjusting to the new normal of environment-first thinking, we’ll see traditional companies and industries die, and new ones pop up in their place. 

And that’s good news for businesses and investors. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the best green investment opportunities. Whether you’re looking for areas to vary and strengthen your portfolio, or you want to be one of the companies that drive the positive shift, you’ll find the following can help.

Green Energy Sources

If you’ve got all your portfolio tied up in non-renewable energy sources, then you might want to think about divesting pretty soon. They say that a good rule of thumb for investing is to dump the stocks that the big players are dropping; and in this day and age, there’s no stock that’s being dumped faster than oil and other fossil fuels.

It makes perfect sense. Whether it takes five or twenty years, there’s little doubt that the world is moving towards energy that does not require oil.

It’s going to take a little bit of time for this to happen, but progress is being made all the time. Keep an eye on the hottest new developments, and put your money there.

3D Printing

You don’t hear all that much about 3D printing, but you will in the future. The people in the know say that 3D printers are going to be the new telephone; there will be one in every household.

In the future, people will print the tools they need, the clothes they wear, and even the meals they eat. While 3D printers can be energy intensive when they’re in use, the overall benefits are huge, in large part, because it reduces all waste.

Rather than a company manufacturing products and hoping they sell them all (which they rarely do), they’ll be able to sell the 3D file and have the customer make it themselves. You can still get 3D printer stocks for pretty cheap, which makes it an appealing proposition. There’s every chance that they become hugely important in the future.


If we’re going to navigate the murky waters of climate change, then it’s important that we change the way we move.

It’s not sustainable, and that means it’s a big problem. Fortunately, we’re already beginning to feel the change in the air. Tesla has changed the game when it comes to electric vehicles.

And it’s not just what they’ve done, but the effect they’ve had on others. Every car manufacturer that wants to still exist in twenty years is working on an electric vehicle.

In the UK, they’ll have to if they want their vehicles to be on the road — it’s not too many years cars using fossil fuels will be banned. For investments, you can look at the car companies themselves or look at some of the smaller companies that are working to make battery cells more efficient. 

Investing in Land

One of the problems driving climate change is the negative relationship we have with the land. So if you’re looking to make a positive impact, then you could look at going back to the land.

There have been companies who have used their profits to protect and rehabilitate land in the UK; BrewDog, who bought 2000 acres of land and plan to plant one million trees, are probably the most famous example.

It’s not just a force of environmental goodness, either — land can be both profitable and sustainable. So look at investing in land, and work with a forestry management company to determine how best to look after it.

The land does not have to be used for profit purposes, either — it could be a way for companies to give back and do their part, for instance.

Recycling Goods

Recycling has been in the public’s consciousness for a while, but it’s also true that the systems we use to recycle haven’t been quite as advanced as people thought. Large amounts of recycled goods were not recycled at all.

It’s beginning to change, however, with certain companies investing in more advanced machines. If they’re adopted by the government, then they’ll be highly profitable.

Eco-Friendly Businesses

If you want to have a positive impact on the world yet while also running your own business, then remember there are plenty of eco-friendly businesses that you could get underway. These can be profitable today, but will likely be additionally profitable in the future when people are even more receptive to environmentally friendly services.

Some of the more popular options include starting an eco-friendly cleaning business, which uses natural cleaning products rather than chemicals. You could also start your own recycling business, since recycling will, as we saw above, become even bigger in the future.

One of the hottest small business ideas right now is reclaiming old furniture, bringing it back to life, and then selling it. This is an excellent way to build a second income, have fun, and have minimal impact on the environment. 

Greenify Your Business 

Finally, if you already own a business, then look at greenifying your business. Consumers are increasingly supporting environmentally friendly businesses and shunning the ones that aren’t moving with the times.

There are plenty of things you can do to change your operations; it just requires some determination and enthusiasm. Once you’ve got the basics in order, you can look at doing more, such as becoming double carbon negative. 

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