What Is A Project Management Office And Why Do You Need It?

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More and more companies are setting up PMO, but what is prompting this shift? What is the primary role, and how can it help your company?

What is the role of the PMO (Project Management Office)?

It’s not easy to categorically define what a PMO is, because it varies so much from business to business. In general, the Project Management Office takes the form of a department that encompasses the know-how and skills of many people, tools, but also a set of processes and methods.

The PMO aims to standardize and optimize the costs that are systematically found in project management.  It takes a look at project management as a whole to provide processes, methods, and tools to harmonize the implementation of projects.

What are the benefits of a project management office? 

Depending on the business, a PMO’s responsibilities may include:

  • Strategic planning and project governance
  • Development of good practices and effective processes
  • The identification and dissemination of a common language, culture and mentality
  • Resource management
  • Implementation and maintenance of project management tools

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