What Is Print On Demand?


A print on demand site is a printing website that helps online businesses get rid of inventory and shipping issues. For example, if you have an online clothing store, or if you are an artist, designer, or entrepreneur, the print-on-demand model can benefit your business as it is a low-risk way to sell custom products.

Print on Demand Essentials

Many people customize their products, hoping to make a profit and catch the public’s attention. However, it is common for artists, designers, writers, or entrepreneurs, to make too much of a product even though they might not sell all their stock.

Take a band, for example. It’s easy for them to print some T-shirts or other merchandise in the hopes of making a profit. However, what happens if they don’t sell every single T-shirt?

This way of selling products is unsustainable because of losing precious space in the home or buying inventory just to have some of those products go unsold. Though customization is a great option for avoiding fast fashion, it can also damage the environment if mass-produced products don’t sell.

The print-on-demand industry (POD) has experienced a 12% growth over the past four years, and this is a good thing for everyone. With print-on-demand services, you don’t have to create an item unless the customer has already paid for it.

This way, businesses and individuals reduce the risk of their investments. Managing inventory is a time-consuming issue, no matter what products you are selling, but with POD, you can get rid of that.

What’s more, with the time and money saved by print-on-demand, business owners can focus more on studying the market, expanding their business, and creating future fashion trends and valuable items for their customers.

How Does Print on Demand Work?

When you opt for a print-on-demand service, you will most likely work with a printing website or white-label supplier of customizable products. You customize these products and sell them on a per-order basis, meaning you don’t have to pay anything until the product is sold.

So, the need for inventory is eliminated. The supplier will also take care of the fulfillment and shipping. The print-on-demand business model is based on dropshipping, where both the products and shipping are handled by a third party, making it one of the best ways to start a new business. Some of the pros of print-on-demand are:

  • Quick product creation
  • The third party takes care of shipping orders
  • Low investment and risk

There are also some cons for print-on-demand. The cost per item will be higher than if you bought in bulk orders. Since you have less control over shipping, some costs can get in the way of certain products. Another con is that you have limited products because you will depend on what the vendor has available for customization.

Final Words

The print-on-demand business model, even with its cons, is still a great way of starting a new business or opening a wide range of possibilities for existing ones. It allows many people to earn some extra income right away.

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