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Everything we do is online, and that means we need to make sure our technology is working at optimum efficiency. As our business grows and we have freelancers and in-house teams, there is more technology – and that means more that can go wrong. Having an in-house IT support team can be costly. 

But outsourcing your business IT support is not only cost effective but it means you can put that cash into better places. So why do you need IT support? 

Save money 

One of the most interesting things about having IT support is that you have access to a team, typically 24/7 that can handle anything you need. Instead of paying for an in-house team you get what you want, when you need it. 

That money saved can go to other areas of the business, and help you to increase your profits. The ROI for outsourcing IT support is high. 

You don’t need to pay regular wages, or for thousands of dollars worth of technology. 


Imagine that everything seems to have gone wrong. You can’t access files, you need to get something to a client, and your freelancers or team are locked out. What do you do? Well, when you have outsourced IT support, you’ll just contact them – and let them work. 

It’s not just that, though; IT support will often have people on the lookout for potential issues and handle them before you even know there might be a problem. 


If you don’t have to handle an IT team or the IT, it leaves you to focus on what matters to you. You can put your time and effort into working on new products and services and ensuring that you have the best business. 


The rate of cyber crime has increased incredibly in the last few years, and while big businesses might seem like the most obvious victim, small businesses bear the brunt. 

Smaller businesses usually have less security and are usually easier for criminals to crack into and take or destroy. Your IT support will be set up to watch for security issues, and if you get attacked, they will have a backup and recovery system in place to minimise your downtime. 


Have you ever had to put new software on multiple devices and ensure they are all working and connected correctly? Most people haven’t, which means that if you had to – you might not be able to do it correctly. 

IT support can ensure that all your devices have all the software they need, and when it comes time to upgrade the hardware, you won’t have to worry. 

It’s not just that either; regular software updates can cause issues on systems that seem stable. 

As your business grows, a few things can support your business, and IT support is one of them. There aren’t just things you need to implement, but there are some things you need to look out for: 5 Things You Need To Avoid As Your Business Grows – PM Today

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