What To Do If You’re Injured On The Job


In the U.S. alone, well over 2 million workplace accidents resulting in injury happen each year. Sometimes these accidents occur at the fault of the owner, sometimes they are the fault of the worker. 

Whatever the case, though, it’s important to understand what you should do if you’re injured on the job. Working on a project might be slightly different from getting injured in a factory or office. But, the concepts of what to do remain the same. 

Being prepared and knowing how to handle a workplace injury can keep you safe, and help you to understand whether you should consider a lawyer with strong PR representation ( 

So, what should your first steps be if you get injured on the job? 

Get Medical Attention Immediately

Even if you only suffer a minor injury, it’s important to seek out first aid right away. If necessary, make sure you call for help or go to the hospital for further evaluation. Taking care of your injury right away will not only ensure that you’re okay, but it can help you later. 

If you eventually seek out some kind of compensation or support, you’re going to need to be able to prove the extent of your injuries and the damage they caused. Showing that you sought medical attention immediately is a great way to do that. 

Notify Your Manager or Supervisor

After your injuries have been taken care of, tell your supervisor or project leader about what happened. This should be standard practice whether you get hurt or you feel sick on the job. Keeping things from your project manager, even if they might seem small at the moment, can have big consequences later. 

Bringing an injury up to your supervisor will also alert them to the fact that they may need to consider compensation. Beyond that, however, it may also alert them to some hidden dangers on the job site that need to be taken care of so other workers don’t injure themselves, as well. 

Complete a Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you were injured on the job, in most cases you’ll be entitled to compensation. Workers’ compensation typically covers medical expenses and any mental health issues or distress you may have had to deal with because of the injury. It also should cover your wages for the amount of time you’ll have to miss work. 

Most employers don’t want to deal with messy court battles, so make sure you have all of your evidence and paperwork lined up before you file a compensation claim. In many cases, they can be very easy and the right employer will compensate you fairly, so you can eventually get back to your job and keep moving forward.

No one wants to get injured at work. Unfortunately, on certain projects, it can happen. Keep yourself safe as much as possible, but know what you should do if you do get injured, as well. It’s another way of protecting yourself, your career, and your future. 

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