Keep Staff Comfortable Through Office Renovations


Renovating an office can be a crucial element of updating the internal face of your firm from time to time, and also marks an exciting milestone going forward.

Keeping staff comfortable through office renovations is an important goal to pursue, because if these distractions prove too overwhelming for your staff they can disturb the productivity bottom line you rely on each week.

Of course, we are here to assume that you have a confident approach to safety and that all matters of careful diversion, hygiene and security are being carried out correctly.

However, even if your staff are extremely safe and cared for, that doesn’t necessarily mean their working comfort won’t be affected. Of course, some distraction is unavoidable by the very nature of the workplace shifting and new additions being applied.

However, there are some tasks you can handle that allow this entire process to be managed in a streamlined way, contributing to worthwhile workplace cohesion and ensuring this entire process is a net positive for your firm. With that in mind, let us consider the following advice:

The Parking Experience

It can be hard to park in an office car park when heavy machinery, cordoned off room for construction workers and a range of other logistical imperatives are preventing you from establishing the best pursuit.

The parking experience, however, is an essential part of bringing staff into the office and helping them set up for their day in a smooth manner.

This means that with the best tower lights hire you can effectively lead and illuminate staff when they are being assigned new parking lots, and this also goes for opening up areas around the building that may not have been used for this purpose before. This way, traffic is directed and everything is safe.

Noise & Debris

Noise can be a real problem when it comes to construction efforts, and so to the extent that you can, keeping the heavy drilling or machinery work carefully scheduled so as not to deeply coincide with your office productivity can be important.

This means syncronizing responsibilities, using sound dampeners and sometimes providing staff with protective gear can be important. Additionally, you may find further utility in:

Office Placements

Remote office installations can be a great idea, as can using structured temporary offices.

Sometimes we cannot double up on the workspace area in a certain office as we move the affected department to another location, and so investing in a new, worthwhile and secure environment with a careful tech solution can be a delicate means of resolving things.

Of course, it can take a week or so for your staff to become used to the new arrangement, but provided they want for nothing, experience good working conditions and that this new location is not too far from your current building, you can be sure that this investment will grant you the productivity you may have worried about missing out on.

With this advice, keeping staff comfortable through offiice renovations will be par for the course.

PM Today Contributor
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